South Philadelphia Tennis Association

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The South Philadelphia Tennis Association

“Growth and Development Through Urban Tennis”

 Purpose Statement 

The South Philadelphia Tennis Association was established under the USTA in 2011 for the purpose of offering “Instructional, Social and Competitive Tennis Programming” to South Philadelphia and it'ssurrounding communities. This low-impact sport presents safe challenges to our youth in a fun environment and raises their levels of awareness in the areas of sportsmanship and personal contribution and effort. Participants enjoy this process with their peers while learning the value of teamwork and cooperation.

Adults and families as a whole can also benefit from the advantages of this life-long sport in a socially competitive and festive environment. Beginners to advanced, younger and older, male or female (even the occasional K-9!) can all join in on this totally inclusive sport that knows no boundaries.

Working closely with The USTA, predominately it’s Middle States Section, our mission flourishes by working with fellow stakeholders such as schools, day cares, recreation centers, community groups and local businesses in providing “Growth and Development Through Urban Tennis.”


 Who We Are 


                                    Bryan Hughes               Joseph Myers

                                             President/Founder                Vice President

                                      Photo by Kyle Ober           Photo by Kyle Ober


Head Assistants Connor Humphries and Kevt'her Hoxha